Parking made easy

Parkble rewards you points when you share your street parking spot with other fellow drivers, refer a friend to download and use Parkble and when you register by email. Points are redeemable to gift cards.

No stress. No hassle. Free parking

Parking spot a tap away

Browse the available parking spots right now or at a specific time in the future.

Game-like experience

Receive points when you share your parking spot. Use your points to request spots for yourself.

Ease of navigation

Book the spot you want and use our easy navigation to get to your spot with no hassle.

Parking can be a pleasant journey

Browse through the available parking spots in the area where you’re planning to arrive and request the spot you like.

A plan that never frustrates

Select the exact location, where you’d like to have your parking spot booked at a specific time, and we will match you with someone who is sharing their spot in the area.

Easily navigate to your parking spot

Use our convenient in-app navigation to get to your parking spot and let the person, who is sharing the spot, know that you have arrived.

What is Parkble?

Hassle-free booked spot

Connect with hundreds of drivers to easily exchange parking spots

Be confident that you'll have a free parking spot ready for you at a desired time

Have multiple cars? No problem! Parkble supports multiple cars under one account

The more you share, the more parking spots you can access

Parkble revolutionizes free street parking

Here is why

Easy navigation

We help you find a parking spot as well find it using our smart in-app navigation that will take you right where your parking spot is.

Real-time parking exchange

Our intuitive interface lets you easily exchange parking spots in real-time. You’ll be notified once the spot receiver arrives and respond if you see their car.

The more you share the more you get

Every shared parking spot drops points to your piggy bank, which you can use to book parking spots for yourself. Easy, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parkble?

Parkble is a peer-to-peer community based mobile application of fellow drivers which allows share, find, exchange street parking spots with each other, stay up to date about local parking rules, street cleanings and alternate side parking hours, avoid traffic violations and tickets. Parkble helps drivers to know where and when exactly in their destination area they will find a parking spot.

Parking is one of the number one stress causes for drivers in busy urban areas. Search for parking often results in a number of related problems such as loss of time, anxiety and stress, loss of fuel, increased traffic congestion on the roads, conflicts and fights between drivers over a parking spot, and more pollution.

Parkble offers a solution to alleviate all of the above mentioned problems. Drivers share their street parking spots indicating their location and departure time in the future so other drivers driving in to their destination at matching times can look up available shared street parking spots from others and take their parking spots instantaneously. In our system we call those two parties – «Giver» and «Receiver» of the parking spot. Parkble provides a community based online platform bringing those two parties together, thus saving them time, nerves, fuel in the street parking process and decreasing trafic congestion, pollution, conflict and dangerous situations related to parking as well.

From practical aspects, Parkble is most useful and best applicable as a community based solution where we are determined to build small communities of fellow drivers neighborhood by neighborhood to make parking experience much easier and seamless for all. From scalability point of view, the parking management solution is huge industry all over the world and parking problems for urban areas are not going away anytime soon. As more and more cities around the world adopting so called «cities should be for people, not for cars» concept and cutting down number of available street parking spots, Parkble can be used and scaled at any busy urban area around the world to offer a proper solution to the problem.

How does Parkble work?

As soon as you install Parkble mobile app and sign up, you will be able to find and offer spots to other fellow drivers, and in your turn request parking spots shared by others in real time. Parkble is coming to Google Play store with Android version later this year. You can sign up to our email list on the website to stay up to date on Android release.

The process is very straightforward and easy. Whenever you are getting ready to leave your parking spot within the next 15 minutes, you can use “Share now” option and offer the spot to other fellow drivers and wait a specified period of time (until you receive the first request from another driver to give away your spot to him/ her within those 15 minutes, exact timing depends on how soon the receiver of the spot is arriving and shown on the app. In fact you don't even need to wait extra minutes – you can indicate your departure time and show up at your parked car at the same time when the app tells the driver who requested your spot has arrived). Each time you offer a spot that is requested and received by another driver, you will earn Parkble points. You can use your earned points for requesting and receiving parking spots shared by other drivers. If no one takes your spot, you will still earn Parkble points for sharing your spot.

«Share Later» option works in the same way if you are leaving your parking spot in a future time frame longer than 15 minutes. It can be an hour, a few hours, the next morning, or a few days.

We are working on making Parkble points usable towards payment of monthly subscription fees for the app when eventually the app switches to subscription mode in the future. We are also considering to make Parkble points convertible for payments at different car related service providers. We will also provide an option to redeem your points to a $10 gift card of different choices (for example, a fuel card) when you earned 1,000 points.

Icons Definition
Share Now - spot will be available within next 15 minutes.

Use this function if you plan to leave your current parking spot within next 15 minutes. It is very helpful for other drivers who are nearby to you and looking for parking

Share for Later - parking spot is shared for later at a customized leaving time based on the giver's choice.

This functionality allows you to choose a convenient departure time for you and share your parking spot with other drivers. If your plans have changed or you cannot leave your parking spot at an intended time, no problem. You can prolong your departure time for your shared parking spot. The app will warn you 15 minutes prior to the expiration of your shared parking spot time.

Reported Spot - This parking spot is reported by another driver. Parkble doesn't guarantee the spot is available for you.

Using this features you can create temporary parking spot reports to help other drivers find a parking spot. You can report up to 10 parking spots per day you notice on your way. Each reported parking spot will show up on Parkble’s map for duration of 1 hour before disappearing. If you see that the reported parking spot is valid and there really is a free parking spot - you can take it first and rate it so we know the reported spot was useful. The driver who reported that parking spot will receive 1 point.

How our points system works?

Each Parkble member starts with 150 initial Parkble points after the app installed and the registration is completed.

Here is a table of points earned:

Shared spot* Giver Receiver
Tier 1 / +1 point Tier 1 / +5 point Tier 1 / -15 points
Tier 2 / +3 points Tier 2 / +10 points Tier 2 / -10 points
Tier 3 / +5 points Tier 3 / +15 points Tier 3 / -5 point

*Note: Shared Spot means when the Giver shares his / her spot, but no one claims it and the shared time expires.

New tiers could be reached by giving parking spots:

Given parking spots
Tier 1 / 0-50
Tier 2 / 51-100
Tier 3 / 101+

The more a Parkble member shares his / her street parking spots, the higher his / her Tier will go up. Here is how new tier ranks are unlocked:

  • Tier 1 = 50 shared spots (at least one sharing per day equaling one month) in Parkble system – Adds one time 150 Parkble points when reached;
  • Tier 2 = 51-100 shared spots in Parkble system – Adds one time 150 Parkble points when reached;
  • Tier 3 = 101-150 shared spot in Parkble system – Adds one time 150 Parkble points when reached;

Parkble members can use “Refer a Friend” function of the app and invite their friends to download and start using Parkble. We believe this function is utmost important in creating local communities of fellow drivers who help each other to find street parking easily and without stress. Moreover, by referring a friend, a Parkble user can earn 300 Parkble points for each referral.

You can also add your email after registration and get 5 bonus points. We use your email for updates about changes and improvements in the app.

Why sharing your parking spot is so easy?

Because Parkble brings it to the tap of your finger by automating it. There are two parties to this parking spot exchange transaction that Parkble enables: the spot sharer is called Giver and the driver who benefits from the shared spot is called Receiver.

When Parkble members park in any spot, the app automatically remembers their parking location using their car's Bluetooth and phone's GPS. When they open the app and are close to their car, Parkble members are asked about open spots around them. When they leave their spot, the app automatically marks it as open for the rest of the community and asks the Parkble member to confirm the spot address and select the departure time. This is how Parkble makes parking experience easy for all.

So, why would any driver care to share his / her parking spot and indicate it on Parkble app? We are the dreamers but we are not hallucinating with this assumption. Every driver in a busy urban area changes the hats of both of Sharer of parking spot and Receiver of parking spot several times during the day. The moment a driver leaves his / her parking spot, he / she turns into a Receiver of another driver's parking spot when he / she will eventually stop the car and look for parking. Therefore, it's in everybody's interest to easily share and receive parking spots with and from each other with Parkble's app.

Why Parkble relies on peer-to-peer and community based approach?

Although with a goal to help solve parking problems in all busy urban areas around the world, Parkble is all about building a local community of drivers. When it comes to parking and sharing a parking spot with each other, relying only on technological solutions doesn’t work, so we solve the street parking problem by making it easy for fellow drivers to actually help each other find parking. Parbkle is easy to use, user friendly. Parkble can direct fellow drivers to the best available parking spot in their destinations and desired times, by removing the information deficit between those looking for spots and those leaving spots in real-time mode.

The more you share, the more you refer and tell other fellow drivers about Parkble app, the more you use, the more parking spots you create and have access to.

Think of a network of mobile phones. If you have just one mobile phone, that single device has no real economic value – who would you call? The moment another person gets a a mobile phone too, a small network is created and its economic value grows. Give another mobile phone to the third person, and the network expands and its economic value now equals nine (3 phones X 3 users). PARKBLE is based on a similar network effect model. The more drivers use it and share it, the more efficient and useful the app becomes in solving the parking problem for all.

In this regard, Parkble’s success would be every fellow drivers’ success in making their parking experience easier and seamless.

What types of parking Parkble helps with?

Initially, Parkble is launching with the major function of helping to share, find and receive free street parking spots between drivers. Down the road, we will integrate all other major types of parking spots (meter spot, paid parking lot or garage, driveways, residential and commercial parking facilities, etc.) into our system, including proper booking and payment systems as well.

What other added advantages Parkble offers?

After launching the app with the major function of helping find street parking, Parkble is now focusing on an additional feature to protect drivers from parking related violations and tickets. We want to make sure that you never get a parking ticket if you pay attention to the notifications you receive from the app and act on time. When we will add the new feature in the upcoming months, Parkble app will automatically remember your parking location using the car's Bluetooth or phone sensors and sends a notification when it’s time to move your car for street cleaning or any other parking rule.

Why should I become Parkble community member?

Number 1 stress for any driver in busy urban areas is finding a parking spot a faster and easier way upon arrival to the destination. How often do you struggle with finding parking spot, by wasting your time, fuel and experiencing unnecessary stress? Did you notice lately that driving and finding parking spot at the time and location you need have become more stressful? Did you know that most drivers you see in the roads in urban areas are cruising in search of a parking spot and they on average cruise more than a third of mile before finding an open space?

We are offering you a tool to save time, nerves, fuel and reduce pollution while you look for available parking spots in your destination and help other fellow drivers do the same thing too.

How do I get Parkble launched in my neighborhood?

If you’d like to see Parkble launched in your neighborhood, send us your details on the website, including your location. To increase your chances, share with your neighbors, friends, colleagues and have them sign up too. You can use «Refer a friend» section of the app to invite your network. By referring your friend each invitor and invitee earn 15 Parkble points. Becoming Parkble Brand Ambassador is another option for you to actively help in launching Parkble. Send us a message from the Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Do I have to pay for using Parkble?

Parkble will be free for all users initially. As we gain critical mass in your neighborhood and city, we might consider charging a reasonable monthly subscription fee of $10.00 to $14.00. You will be able to end your membership at any time. We may also offer a discounted fee if you pay a year in advance. Drivers may spend the Parkble points they have earned for sharing their spots towards payment of the monthly subscription fee for the app.

Is my personal data protected?

Rest assured that your personal data is safe with us. We take privacy and security very seriously at Parkble. That’s why we make sure that your data is anonymized and securely stored. We also never sell any personal data. Feel free to take a look at our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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